Voices from the Field

Hear from leaders in the field of Learning Disabilities!

TeachingLD has gathered videos that provide special opportunities to hear researchers discuss their work and its application to teaching students with learning disabilities. These are not average folks but leaders in the field--the authors you read, the researchers you follow, the historical figures who laid the foundation for learning disabilities. Hear the stories about how they got involved in the field, how their work evolved, and what they hope for the future of the field! 

Members of DLD's executive board asked these experts a common set of questions and, thanks to the help of a team of volunteers who produced, directed, shot, and edited the responses carefully, you can watch them answer as Voices from the Field.

  • Naomi Zigmond's Beginnings

    March 16 2015

    Zigmond 1 fixed from TeachingLD on Vimeo.

    Naomi Zigmond remembers how she followed the clinical case of a child who had aphasia. As she learned more about the boy's diagnosis and treatment, she was drawn into studying the nascent area we now call Learning Disabilities. 

  • Lynn and Doug Fuchs' Beginnings

    March 16 2015

    Fuchs 1 from TeachingLD on Vimeo.

    Professors Lynn and Doug Fuchs recount how their early efforts aimed at starting their own school led to later studies and ultimately to interest in multi-tiered systems of support for an array of students with learning problems and Learning Disabilities. 

  • Sharon Vaughn's Beginnings

    March 16 2015

    Vaughn 1 from TeachingLD on Vimeo.

    Professor Vaughn recalls how living in the neighborhood of a large institution prior to the onset of deinstitutionalization led her to develop an interest in helping change the life course of children with disabilities. 

  • Donald Deshler's Work's Evolution

    March 15 2015

    Project C-1 from TeachingLD on Vimeo.

    Professor Don Deshler explains how his career, beginning in Alaska, evolved after he attended a summer institute. 

  • Margo Mastropieri's and Tom Scruggs's Work's Evolution

    March 15 2015

    project A-1 from TeachingLD on Vimeo.

    Margo Mastropieri and Tom Scruggs have made many different contributions to the education of students with learning disabilities during their distinguished careers. In this segment, they explain how their work changed as they learned from earlier work and pursued different ideas later.