Special Ed research funding cuts

Posted on November 28, 2011


The Council for Exceptional Children issued an important alert about reductions in funding for the National Center for Special Education Research. Please read this and take action:





This month Congress is making important decisions about funding for fiscal year 2012. CEC is currently advocating to meet all of our priorities, but one area we are especially concerned with is funding for special education research.  In FY 2011, Congress and the Administration cut funding for special education research by a staggering amount - $20 million dollars – or 28%. This cut has impacted projects in every state and greatly hamstrung our nation’s ability to have the robust research agenda it needs on behalf of children and youth with disabilities. We need your help right now to make a difference. Can you spare a few minutes?

Take action today! CEC’s Legislative Action Center provides you with a draft letter that you can sent to your members of Congress – it only takes a few clicks of the mouse!  Have you received a grant? If so, personalize your letter to tell your members of Congress what these federal dollars have meant to you and your community.Together we can make a difference!

Visit CEC's Legislative Action Center today and make your voice heard. Join CEC and tell your legislators to restore funding for the National Center for Special Education Research’s budget to its FY 2010 level of $71 million dollars.

Thank you for your help!

  • Help Save Research Funding

    Posted by johnl@virginia.edu on April 20, 2012


    In the face of pending funding cuts, the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) has increased its efforts to support the National Center for Special Education Research by explaining to members of Congress, representatives of the US Department of Education, and the American public the importance of research for the education and well-being of children and youths with disabilities. Please download a copy of CEC's explanation of the "Action Plan for Promoting & Defending Special Education Research Funding" and distribute it to friends, neighbors, colleagues, and others