Changes in the Executive Board

Posted on July 12, 2011

New officers began their terms on the DLD Executive Board 1 July 2011. Paul Riccomini moved into the presidency, replacing Michael Gerber, who began a term as past president. Janette Klingner, Erica Lembke, and Margaret (Peggy) Weiss began terms as president-elect, vice president, and treasurer, respectively. They are all joined on the executive board by newly appointed committee chairs Rebecca Zumeta (Professional Development, Standards, & Ethics), Susan Thomas (Membership), and Karen Fries (Student Representative). 


With the end of the year, the board bids adieu to Linda Siegel (who completed her four-year term in the presidential sequence), Kristen McMaster (who completed her three-year term as chair of the Professional Development, Standards, & Ethics Committee), Elizabeth Parrett (who completed multiple terms as chair of the Membership Committee, beginning in 2003), and Amber Moran (who served as Student Representative for 2010-2011). Thanks to all of these fine folks for attending dozens of meetings, volunteering uncounted hours of time, and wading through enormous waves of e-mail as part of their service to DLD.