DLD at CLD 2015!

DLD is partnering with the Council for Learning Disabilities to present at the 37th International Conference on Learning Disabilities in Las Vegas! Join us for informative sessions, speakers, and activities, all focused on working with students with LD. The conference runs October 1 and 2, 2015.

The highlight of the conference will be a joint session of DLD and CLD leaders.

The Changing Nature of Teacher Preparation: Implications for Teaching Students with LD

This panel will address the changing roles of special educators who work with students with learning disabilities. In addition, the discussion will cover how special educators must provide  intensive instruction within various settings in order for the students with LD to pass the curriculum standards adopted in different states.


Laurie deBettencourt, President of DLD

Bill Therrien, Publications Chair of DLD

Diane Pedrotty, President of CLD 

Deborah Reed, Vice President of CLD