Learning Disabilities Research & Practice

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Science Instruction for Students with Learning Disabilities: A Meta-analysis

Authors: Therrien, W. J., Taylor, J. C., Hosp, J. L., Kaldenberg, E. R., & Gorsh, J.


Although science has received much attention as a political and educational initiative, students with learning disabilities (LD) perform significantly lower than their nondisabled peers. This meta-analysis evaluates the effectiveness of instructional strategies in science for students with LD. Twelve studies were examined, summarized, and grouped according to the type of strategy implemented. Effect sizes were calculated for each study. Across all studies, a mean ES of .78 was obtained indicating a moderate positive effect on students’ with LD science achievement. Findings also align with past reviews of inquiry based instruction for students with special needs indicating that students with LD need structure within an inquiry science approach in order to be successful. Additionally, results suggest mnemonic instruction is highly effective at increasing students’ with LD acquisition and retention of science facts.

Publishing information: Volume 26, number 3