Learning Disabilities Research & Practice

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A Meta-analytic Review of Graphic Organizers and Science Instruction for Adolescents with Learning Disabilities

Authors: Dexter, D. D., Park, Y.J., & Hughes, C. A.


This article presents a meta-analysis of experimental and quasi-experimental studies in which intermediate and secondary students with learning disabilities were taught science content through the use of graphic organizers. Following an exhaustive search for studies meeting specified selection criteria, 23 standardized mean effect sizes were extracted from 6 articles involving 271 participants in grades 6 through 12.  Findings included that, across immediate posttest and maintenance conditions, the use of graphic organizers was associated with increased vocabulary knowledge and factual comprehension measured by researcher-generated multiple-choice tests in science. Conclusions, implications for future research, and practical recommendations are presented.

Publishing information: Volume 26, number 3